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Valerie J. Patterson, Author, Signs New Contract

GEE-WHIZ MEETS SHAFT Scheduled For November 2008 Release

June 2008 -- Asylett Press is pleased to announce plans to release a new book by local author, Valerie J. Patterson. Gee-Whiz Meets SHAFT—a comedy/spy thriller sprinkled with romance—is scheduled for release the week of Thanksgiving, 2008 to coincide with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. The print release will follow in December 2008.

Milton Gee, aka Milo, aka private detective, lives a rather meager existence in sunny California after his best friend and partner, Chaz Wiz is found dead, facedown in a dead-end alley in New York City. What he was doing there, no one--especially Milo--seems to know. Just when Milo has decided he's finally come to grips with the loss of his partners, two dames--er, delicate females--enter his life and convince him to join them in solving Chaz's last case--a case Milo never knew he was working on.

Reluctant at first, Milo listens to the bazaar story these dames--er, ladies--dish up and decides his desire to solve Chaz's murder is too strong to ignore. What's difficult to ignore is an organization of sexy, beautiful, fully armed and dangerous dames--er ladies--calling themselves the United Universe. This secret organization has one goal on their agenda--World peace. They live for it. They're willing to die for it. They consistently defeat SHAFT to preserve it. The Society of Heroes After Future Tranquility is a self-serving bunch only looking to protect their assets and comfortable lifestyles.

Both organizations are currently pursuing the same thing: The Ghost--a distinguished UU operative who went underground after Chaz Wiz--codename Cheese--was found dead. After a briefing and a physical, Milo gets his new codename. Spade.

Spade gets into more trouble than he ever expected, faces more danger than he ever imagined, and comes into contact with more sex appeal than his poor heart can handle, but he gets the job done--and has some fun along the way.

The one thing eluding our hero is true love. Will he find it at long last among the bevy of beauties he works beside?

GEE-WIZ MEETS SHAFT is oftentimes comical, always endearing, and sometimes way too tense for its hero, but readers will enjoy the journey!

Valerie J. Patterson's latest release, Montana Reins, has topped Asylett Press' bestseller list. Gee-Whiz Meets SHAFT has the potential to achieve the same success.

Montana Reins and The Lincoln Room can both be purchased in Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores as well as online through the publisher Asylett Press and through Fictionwise.

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Valerie J. Patterson
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Sandra Dugas, Asylett Press
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