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Valerie J. Patterson, Author, Releases New Book

THE LINCOLN ROOM, Suspense-filled Thriller

January 2008 -- Asylett Press is pleased to announce the release of a new book, The Lincoln Room, by Valerie J. Patterson.  The Lincoln Room is a taut thriller that combines suspense and mystery, along with a touch of romance.

Twelve years after winning the Miss Pennsylvania beauty pageant at age 18, Alexaundra Jerdan returns to Highlands, the seemingly sleepy little town she grew up in as an orphan.  Alex has gone back to begin a new career, one much different from her successes on Wall Street, and she also wants to discover her history, to seek out her roots.


Instead of answers about her family, now 30-year-old Alex comes up with more questions about just what is going on in Highlands and why no one will discuss the mysterious deaths of so many young women--women who don't make it beyond age 30.  Is she in danger of not seeing her next birthday?  What is the meaning of the diaries she discovers in The Lincoln Room of Highland's library? Are the ghosts she thinks she sees more trustworthy than the sheriff? Alex does find out more about her family and its history as she digs, but there still is so much more to unearth and time is short!

Author Valerie J. Patterson has had several short stories published.  Most recently, her story Green and Red Trappings was included in a compilation book of Sherlock Holmes pastiches, Curious Incidents Volume 2: Being a Collection of the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Mad for a Mystery Publications. Her short story Tag, You're It won the Donard Publishing writing competition.

Valerie is an alumnus of Waynesburg University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.  “The setting I chose for The Lincoln Room is actually a room in the University’s library, where I spent a lot of time studying and writing.  I used to sit in that room and think it would be an excellent place for a story,” Valerie says.

Asylett Press is an independent publisher that publishes in both paperback and electronic formats.

The Lincoln Room can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, and through several online bookstores.

For More Information Contact:

Valerie J. Patterson
Internet: valerie@valeriejpatterson.com

Sandra Dugas, Asylett Press
Internet: Sandra@asylett.com


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