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May 6, 2008

Observer-Reporter, Washington PA

Waynesburg Author Reins in Readers With Romance Novel

By Jon Stevens, Staff writer

WAYNESBURG - When Valerie J. Patterson of Waynesburg wants to escape from her "real world" ..., she creates places and people she hopes her readers will enjoy.

Last week, Patterson was at Bowlby Public Library, signing copies of her latest book, "Montana Reins," a western romance.

Montana Reins always has been a loner. Her mother died when she was born, and she's spent her life moving from ranch to ranch with her father, learning his trade - horse trainer. She's never had the opportunity to make any permanent friends ... which makes it hard to let people into her life - especially someone like Ethan Sterling.

Ethan Sterling hired Montana Reins because of the reputation that went with the name - the best horse trainer alive. When Montana shows up, he's more than a little disgruntled to learn he actually hired the daughter and not the father. Their first introduction is even less than auspicious - Montana saves him from a trampling under the hooves of his prized stallion.

This character-driven story propels the reader along in a maelstrom of emotions .

Her first novel, "The Lincoln Room," is a taut thriller that combines suspense and mystery with history and a touch of the paranormal. That book was published in 2006 and released in paperback by Asylett Press of Little Plymouth, Va., an independent publisher that publishes in both paperback and electronic formats. Asylett Press also published "Montana Reins."

Patterson is a graduate of Waynesburg College. "The setting I chose for 'The Lincoln Room' is actually a room in the university's library, where I spent a lot of time studying and writing. I used to sit in that room and think it would be an excellent place for a story," Patterson said.

While at Waynesburg College, Patterson said she had many influential professors, including Dr. Anne Bower, Dr. Roger Bower and Dr. William Sipple, but said it was the contact she had after graduation with Dr. Fred McEwen that benefited her most.

"Dr. McEwen and his wife were very encouraging long after I graduated from college. I can easily recall sending my first completed manuscript to Dr. McEwen for his comments and review. It was a romance, which he very graciously passed along to Mrs. McEwen. It was the combination of what Dr. McEwen taught me and the honest feedback Mrs. McEwen gave me that encouraged me to pursue being a writer," she said.

Patterson also has had several short stories published. Most recently, her story "Green and Red Trappings," first published in June 2003, was included in a compilation book of Sherlock Holmes pastiches, "Curious Incidents Volume 2: Being a Collection of the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Her short story "Tag, You're It," published in August 2005, won the Donard Publishing writing competition.

Patterson's husband, Steven, designed the covers for her books.

Both "Montana Reins" and "The Lincoln Room" can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, online at Amazon.com and through several other online bookstores.

Both books can be purchased for half price directly through the publisher's Web site at http://www.asylett.com/asylettzstore/.

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