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The Lincoln Room
The Lincoln Room Montana Reins Gee Whiz Meets S.H.A.F.T. Her Last


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The Lincoln Room

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Alexaundra Jerdan has returned to Highlands. Born and raised here in the local orphanage, she left after her high school to pursue a college degree that led to a career as a stockbroker. But the hectic pace of New York and dog-eat-dog way of business were not for her, so she's returned to her hometown to find peace and quiet, and begin a new career... in writing.

The need for research leads her to the town library where she finds solitude in The Lincoln Room. Most of the townspeople avoid this room... it's reputed to be haunted by a host of women who have died here by means of a secret rite.

But Alexaundra isn't afraid of ghosts so the empty room suits her perfectly. She's able to dive into her research without interruption. Then a librarian assistant brings her a book found in the stacks. A diary that belonged to one of the women who died in that room.

Seth Kizer is Highland's handsome sheriff. He's dedicated to his job. He's proud to be a Kizer, and he's relentless in one thing--warning Alex to stay away from the Lincoln Room. Will his warnings--as well as his family's secret--prevent him from getting close to Alex once she learns the truth about her hometown's history?

At first intrigued, Alexaundra is soon horrified at what she finds written in the diary, and tosses it aside, determined not to read further...that is, until the ghosts of the women who have died there begin to appear to her. All of them have the same plea – they want her to read the diary. They want her to understand what happened to them. They want her to know that the ritual has not stopped, and she is the only person who can help the next woman to be sacrificed...the one who got away..

Review Excerpts

  • “History, suspense, romance... This book has it all! Valerie J. Patterson really knows how to hook a reader -- so don’t start THE LINCOLN ROOM at night if you plan on getting any sleep!” - Steve Hamilton, Edgar Award-Winning Author of A STOLEN SEASON.
  • “...THE LINCOLN ROOM is an amazing read. Valerie Patterson has a talent for keeping the reader guessing. Mystery, suspense and a few ghosts make this a deliciously eerie way to spend a dark evening.” - Jan Douglas, Reviewer for Writers Unlimited Magazine.
  • “...I could SEE and SMELL THE LINCOLN ROOM. This isn’t a book to read on a dark day, especially not in a spooky old room in the library -- save it for a sunny day by the pool when you have friends nearby.” - Karen Treanor, New Mystery Reader Magazine. 4 Stars.
  • “...not an ordinary ghost tale. It’s a spine tingling, blood curdling, mega creepy, addictive story that keeps you turning the pages to see what new fact will be revealed, what new shock is in store for Alexaundra.” - Magda Jozsa, author of SHERLOCK HOLMES ON THE WILD FRONTIER.


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