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Gee Whiz Meets S.H.A.F.T.
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Gee-Whiz Meets S.H.A.F.T.

Available at Asylett Press, Barnes & Noble, Fictionwise and many other online book sellers.

Milton Gee, the only surviving partner of the Gee-Whiz Detective Agency, is determined to solve the murder of his partner, Chaz Whiz. When he’s approached by two gorgeous dames--–err, women–--who want to enlist his talents to save the life of a Canadian Mountie, he’s not overly interested.

But a man has eyes and babes have gams and Milton’s were fixed on these babes’ long, shapely legs...when he wasn’t gazing deep into their bedroom eyes. His resistance begins to crumble once they use their powers of persuasion...some of which might actually be considered violent.

Turns out, these ladies are members of the United Universe—a secret agency dedicated to maintaining world peace—and the Mountie is one of their top agents, a.k.a. The Ghost. Once Milton passes his physical, he’s christened with his new UU operative codename: “Spade” and they set out to reel in the Mountie. But this operation is not going to be so simple as just finding The Ghost—The S.H.A.F.T, an organization bent on world domination, is out to get him, too.

Armed with cool weapons James Bond would love to have, Spade is determined to get his man...but he never expects to end up with a dame--–err, woman!


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